Open Show 2018 - 14th April, Ingliston

Judge for the day was all rounder, Mr Paul Harding who had an entry of 55 dogs to go over.  Thanks to all who supported the show and well done to the winners and those in the cards!

BIS & Best Bitch - Ir Ch Walamadengie Milady Luck (Pictured above)
RBIS, Best Dog & BVIS - Zougani Zuri (Pictured below left)
BPIS - Priorpark Pipsqueak (Pictured below right)
RBPIS - Jimann’s The Doctor
RBD - Ch Roseridge Royal Romeo (AI) (IMP)
RBB - Faahac Royal Faribaa

Full Results

Puppy dog (2)

1st - Jimann’s The Doctor
2nd - Jengachenga Ever Hasan

Junior Dog (3,1)
1st Nehando’s Excalibur
2nd - Matsushona Fire Opal

Post Graduate Dog (4,2)
1st - Saadani Show Off
2nd - Matsushona Fire Opal

Limit dog (4)
1st - Azali Jamaa Azizi Tiberius ShCM (Imp)
2nd - Gabisa Spotted Dick
3rd - Celtic Lore Koos De La Rey (Imp)
Res- Sonstraal Dream On

Open Dog (4,1)
1st - Ch Roseridge Royal Romeo (AI) (Imp)
2nd - Callmn’s Special Look
3rd - Kani Akilah Encane Hasani for Jengachenga

Veteran Dog or Bitch (5,1)

1st - Zougani Zuri
2nd - Ch Makibos Kilimalemrika of Negasi ShCM
3rd - Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW ShCM
Res - Ballyriver Hot Caramel for Fahari

Puppy Bitch (7,1)
1st - Priorpark Pipsqueak
2nd - Negani Celebrian
3rd - Walamadengie Coco Chanelle
Res - Kinabula’s All About The Bass
VHC - Jimann’s Shoot From The Hip

Junior Bitch (3)
1st - Sweet Little Wallflower
2nd - Priorpark Pipsicle
3rd - Jengachenga Dispicable Me

Post Graduate Bitch (5,1)
1st - Gabisa Shiant
2nd - Kenquince Pisconia
3rd - Hespa Heard of Gold
Res - Bovijo Bed of Roses

Limit Bitch (9,1)
1st - Kasenji Noor
2nd - Gabisa Woo Woo at Zougani JW ShCM
3rd - Colkeririn Face to the Sun JW ShCM
Res - Callmn’s Dancing Queen
VHC - Hayawani Shaba Ushanga

Open Bitch (7,2)
1st - Ir Ch Walamadengie Milady Luck
2nd - Faahac Royal Faribaa
3rd - Kiromol Kendi JW ShCM
Res - Janak Constance at Tarakilna ShCM
VHC - Sharufa Dream Maker ShCM