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Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Scotland

Photo Gallery

Fun Day Fun Day The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Gillian, Floyd, Lisa and Lee 105210238 Elvis as Elvis He ain't nothing but a hound dog...with Lisa 105210239 Peter Pan The boy who never grew up 105210240 The famous pond at Petersmuir house 105210241 Luke and Elvis chilling amongst the fun 105210242 Lexy posing 105210243 The lovely Luke 105210244 Pirates and Tinkerbell Lucy, Amber and Tinker 105210245 Indianna Jones Elvis looks happy to be dressed up! 105210249 Our fancy dress judge, Ian with the winners! 105210247 Schmoozing the judge One of the baby wolfhounds...adorable! 105210248 Retreat to the garage for more food when the rain came! 105210250 Do you recognise these faces? 114323338 The Wizard of Oz 114323339